Thai Scuba Divers

Thai Scuba Divers was founded in early 2000, which is padi’s five-star diving school with the longest time of operation on Koh Samui.

The nutritional value of a whole shark’s fin is actually not higher than a bowel of steamed egg.
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Sharks are at the top of the marine food chain, and people depend on them to maintain the number of giant fishes in the sea so as to avoid excessive damage to algae and thus resulting in reduced oxygen production.
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The reason why sharks can continue growing new teeth after the old ones have fallen out is that their teeth are actually another kind of relatively hard scales on their body.
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Compared to sharks, the dolphins are, in fact, more lethal. In most cases, they will “kick” the small fishes here and there with their caudal fins just for playing; finally, they will throw them away after biting half of them off in order to make their toys no longer belong to others. Such kind of high IQ killing game only exists in the dolphins.
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