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As the third largest island in Thailand, Koh Samui is both the luxury resorts and ideal place for backpackers’ high-quality and inexpensive travel. It is a 15-mile-long tropical oasis on the east coast of the mainland, with palm trees covering the entire island. It only needs to take a taxi to go to those big and small attractions, including the approximately 80-foot-tall golden Buddha, the beautiful rock on Lamai beach, the snake crocodile farm and ubiquitous monkeys that are picking coconuts. You can either enjoy the vibrant beach scenery and nightlife at the Chaweng Beach, or take a low-profile break at Mae Nam Beach. Of course, it is even an indispensable choice to spend one day in participating in the diving activities.

The beaches around the world are all formed by the feces of the parrot fish.

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Set out by boat from Koh Samui, you can reach a variety of diving sites, such as the nearby Koh Ma and various major diving sites around the famous Ko Tao.

Sail Rock/ Antong National Marine Park / Chumphon Pinnacle / Southwest Pinnacle / Koh Ma / Koh Ma / Koh Yippon etc.

Both jellyfishes and sharks appeared before the dinosaurs, and the reason why sharks have never changed their appearance is that they have the most advanced body system no matter in the past or at present; while some jellyfishes have still been alive since then, such as immortal Jellyfishes. They have never been really “dead” by repeatedly growing new parts after eating up the effete parts of their body.

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