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Sail Rock is a haven for marine life with massive schools of fish everywhere.

It also has a 'Chimney', dropping from 5m down to around 20m.


Of all the dive sites around Koh Tao, Sail Rock is the best, although it takes over one and a half hours by most dive boats to reach. Once there, however, it offers so much to divers that most dive companies will definitely make the trip there. It's a huge rock pinnacle that rises from the sea bed, up to and above the surface.

Things to See

The 'Chimney', Giant groupers, Trevally, Barracuda, Giant moray eels, Whale shark, Batfish


The Ang Thong National Park consists of 42 islands and covers a total area of IOOsq km.


The journey from Koh Samui to the Marine Park takes about 3 hours (depending on weather conditions). The two dive sites - Koh Yippon and Koh Wao, are both quite shallow but offer relaxing and varied dives. Trips are available to Ang Thong with the option of spending the night on a deserted beach.


Dozens of large and small dive spots surround Koh Tao


Dozens of large and small dive spots surround Koh Tao, where either the sunken caves, coralpalisades or fishes and turtles are all characteristic; thus, they are those dive spots that can’t be missed. For beginners, shore diving at the sand beach is a good choice, while for the master-hands, the mountains, rivers and jungles at the bottom of the sea are more worth exploring.


Several colorful coral areas are distributed at both sides of Koh Nang Yuan


Several colorful coral areas are distributed at both sides of Koh Nang Yuan, which also unfold a magnificent tropical sea picture for diving enthusiasts while providing a living environment for various tropical marine organisms such as fishes and turtles, etc. In order to increase the fun of diving, the artificial landscapes immersed in the depth of about ten meters like steel dinosaurs and steel sharks, etc. are even more worth a special visit.

whale sharks, manta rays and other beautiful fishes look strong, but in fact, the skins of their whole body are very fragile, and an improper damage, even a small wound is likely to make them infected with skin diseases, eventually resulting in death. It is also the same case about many other kinds of fishes, which is the reason why divers call to prohibit touching all underwater creatures.

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